Hiring Medical Professionals

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about hiring a medical professional instead of calling for the lovely neighbor. Hire an aide that is experienced with cancer to assist a patient going for chemotherapy. When you disclose that your loved one is suffering from mental health issues, we are going to deploy an aide that has experience with that line of care and assistance with medication. We’ll escort to the treatment they need.

A home health care aide is an important part of the care plan, which is based on the aide’s observation, notes, and reports to the registered nurse. Things that a lovely neighbor won’t be able to accomplish.

Hiring a medical professional that can address your own needs is the best thing you can do. You should surround yourself with someone that will advocate for your needs.

Talking About Alzheimer’s

A well-known fact about Alzheimer’s disease: one may have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, however, the signs and symptoms were there way before its diagnosis. I recall a neighbor’s brother that had his diagnosis at age 45. His doctor explained to the family that the disorder was there 10 years prior to that first visit and testing.

Now bio-markers started to develop new, more accurate blood testing so one can have a better and more detailed diagnosis. Biological markers can oversee that there is an overproduction of proteins beta-amyloid and tau, which can translate to brain malfunctioning.

Today Alzheimer’s disease testing is based on symptoms, patients, and family’s accounts, as well as memory testing to eliminate other diseases. For early stages, there is a big association with aging, making diagnosis very difficult if not impossible.

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It’s Crazy

One Summer morning, my patient and I came to blows, was not the first time, neither it was the least; this time was like always related to a corn that the patient’s foot and I for the last 2 years have been expressing my concern. My patient is a quadriplegic, therefore things like that are important since the quadriplegic does not fell or can prevent things from happening or could later become a bigger problem.

And these person is a mastermind in mind games, manipulations, and lies. And that’s why I am trying to make sense of all. It’s crazy how much lies and manipulation the person tells and applies. And that’s why many of us who live with a person like that kind second guest their own rational thoughts.

My patient is nothing short from be compare by me as Dirty John; there were a lot of lies, manipulation, mary go around, badmouthing, and so on. So when you try to tell some else about what you go through on a daily basis, no one would believe because they act so nice, and yet the character is beyond flaw. They actually go above and beyond to destroy you any way they can, including and not limited to trying to destroy your self steam.

The Science of Life is Science

Renown and acclaimed retiree actor Alan Alda is trying to say so. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he is podcasting Clear + Vivid, a very important conversation.

Science. Science defines our lives, our bodies, our mental and physical health. For a police officer is evidence; for a doctor is DNA; for a layperson, it runs in the family.

By opening up the conversation to make reachable, science will become more approachable.

Alan Alda and doctors alike want that families be around the diner table and talk about science. Everything can be explained with scientific proved and trace.

It’s not an easy job. However, it has to be done, and some have to start.

His passion transforms, and he now shares with anyone that listens to. Read to complete article on and to listen to the podcast Clear + Vivid head to

Assisting Your Parents to Staying Home

Most of us will be dealing with our parents downsizing, or stay put. I have being seen for the last few years families unsure and reluctant on sell or assisted their parents to downsizing. Families are instead building an adobe either on the garage or next to their own home.

I have been creating new spaces for aging in place since 2005 when I started working with clients in their own homes that became my motivation to assisted my clients and patients aged in place or transition to hospice.

You will need to do a little researched to find what your state permits, as well as paperwork needs, to assisted you with the Adus (accessory dwelling units).
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Taking Care of The Family Members and Loved Ones

Often times, our clients turn to us because the neighbor fails to disclose changes that have been occurring with your family member or loved one.

Many think that mom or dad does not need professional help because the house is clean; their parents are not losing weight; therefore, meals are being cooked, meds are being taken.

And again and again, the scenario is far from the truth. The lovely neighbor is lovely as well as a great person. However, they are not trained, physically, or mentally prepare for the changes and challenges of aged parents.

The benefits of having home health care are how professionals they can be. We train home health care aides to mentally challenge clients as well as the physical demands. Without the proper train, neighbors will not be able to communicate with doctors or monitor vital signs, be mindful of healthy meals. Always look for professional’s home health care aides.

TeleHealth is Here to Stay

After Covid-19, many things change and will continue to do so, many of us are afraid and concern about what exactly to do next.

One concern now is how to handle doctor’s appointments. Will you walk yourself to the hospital and risk to get infected? Or will you ever call your doctors and have a quick conference call, and that will be it?

Many doctors are now offering TeleHealth, you keep your appointment, and have a face-to-face conference with your doctor via the internet.

TeleHealth is here and will stay to assist us with our appointment. However, there are yet work to be done, such as improved internet services to rural areas, get everyone on board, like those who don’t know yet about, and improved the time with your doctor.

For now, I like what I have seen so far, but I do like to see more for my home health care agency’s clients.

You Are With It or Are You Cool

You are a cool old adult if you are still working and enjoying it. You are with it if your company offers you the opportunity to work from home. You are also cool if you are digging a new career path. You’re awesome when you exercise every day and keep a very busy social life.

You are very much with it by being eager to learn new things, and enjoy exploring new opportunities. You are a cool old adult if you allow a home health care worker to come to visit you on a daily or weekly basis.

You are with it driving your grandkids to and from playdates or school.

You are with it if you have an apple phone and socially connect, and actually know how to use it or know when to publish without putting too much out there.

Stay Fit

As we all age, health becomes a concern, keeping active, sometimes it can be difficult. There is a need to know if you would be better off going to a gym or buy and keep the equipment in your own home.

Now AARP is helping communities within 50 states build and maintain a playground design for old adults to keep fit, active, and babysit their grandkids if there is a need to.

Go to to learn where in your neighborhood will be built.

This specific park is slated to be built in 50 states, and there will be a partnership between States and AARP.

In the third quarter of last year, a new fitness park was unveiled in St. Petersburg, Florida.

African-Americans and Alzheimers

More families are dealing with Alzheimer/Dementia then we think. One of our blogs relates to Alzheimer/Dementia in women. Now we’ll discuss Alzheimer/Dementia in African-Americans communities. We find that the number of African-American who has Alzheimers/Dementia are higher than we ever thought. African-Americans has higher changes and percentages of suffers with Alzheimer/Dementia.

This disease has been tearing families and individuals and the fight that doctors are offering is not being able to catch up with the demand, and truth to be told, it never crosses my mind the African-American population is the most vulnerable ones.
Lesson learn like any disease or diagnostics these disease does not discriminate nor pick or choose. I learn that from an article I read from Oprah Magazine July/August. The Alzheimer’s Epidemic No One Is Talking About.
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