Be Informed

A new drug for Alzheimer’s that seeks FDA approval has to correct its label and specify that the drug is only working for the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The drug helps reduce the amyloid, but the maker needs to do more trials.

Fake (Erectile dysfunction) pills have been bought by older Americans over shady websites, Do Not Used sites that you don’t know. Those pills sell on are fake pills putting you at health risks, one site that is dangerous. Don’t visit sites you don’t know.

More on both subjects can be found at AARP Bulletin September/2021, for more on past blogs, go to Health Care Recruiting Company | Blog | Yonkers, NY | Health Care New York

Guilt Feelings

My blogs range from very important subjects to much literary ones, and I like that, it's an open space where I can express what's going on. This subject blog is why should you have a medical professional assisting your family member. I have addressed these subject before, and I am going back because just read an article on that is an eye opened. Guilt feelings make you assume positions or “stands” that you may not be ready for, to take care of your loved one because it's your loved one is the worse mistake you are making.

It's very taxing, overwhelming, and will drain your mental health and life savings, sometimes we all think instead of doing ourselves and not paid for a service we are saving money. When comes to a caregiver job you are not saving anything. The article I read is “The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America’s elderly.”

Living and Learning

For the last five years, I start to read AARP magazine and bulletin, since I have my blog these two have being plenty of subjects and inspiration. I used them to share the information posted on my blog, and to be quite honest, I came to like the knowledge is bringing to me, and every Summer, AARP has published a list to save money.

Full confession, I can’t wait to receive that issue, on my first year I find out that I can have college class for half the price, the second year I learn about most food and exercise I do are right for me, third-year Habitat of Humanity sale their surcharges for less money, year after that I learn that when I turn 55 I should call my cell phone company and I will have a senior plan, this year I learn a website, where you buy a product for half that price due to the owner misspelling.

We Sometimes Await for the Right Time

I have seen much older adults await the right time to develop a new career, whatever one may excel at, life has its own way to present an opportunity.

In my case I couldn’t go to college because I heavenly lean on my work to live, my way was paved with my working opportunities as a 24/7 caregiver.

When my patient passed on I would lose everything. And with many things that may have a range in the same way or they chose to retire first and then blossom into creativity, I just came across an article at A.A.R.P July/August 2021. To read the full article It’s a beautiful story from those who after retirement is enjoying a new career and rediscovering new horizons.

Alzheimer And Exercising

I was reading an article in the A.A.R.P bulletin from May/2021 related to older adults who exercise regularly is pushing Alzheimer’s disease away.

The article specifically suggests everyday workout, is also mention that exercising has other benefits as part of Alzheimer’s, and mention that aerobics as an additional therapy for the disease.

My opinion is to keep moving or engaged in any physical activity, read and solve puzzles will keep your mind active, by going out will keep your spirit engaged with volunteering and social events, on other words live life. You are more likely to not face mental health.

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Knitting and Computers

Today I went to Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan to assist a client who needed help being transferred from a power chair to a stretcher in order to have a minor procedure done. As we waited to be called, I observed a lady knitting and checking her texts and emails.

Everyone says that having a hobby is healthy, and she seems to me be very proficient in both. She inspired me to write this blog, and ponder on the circumstances we are living in now—where an older employee is being cast aside in order to have a younger, fresh out of college one.

I don’t have college experience, and I see my employer disbelieved that not I can learn and retain a new skill, as well as use it when needed.
And that makes me think: for how long have senior employees been shown the door?

P.S. I do not understand anything about knitting.

Death or End of Life Doulas

The first time I hear the word doula was on a tv show probably in yearly’s 2000 and it was related to childbirth. Yesterday July/2021, I read an article on Twitter about a mom who lost her daughter and decide to invest her time in a doula course.

Doulas on birthdays assisted the soon-to-be mother with emotional and practical comfort Death or end-of-life doulas are on the same scale. The service seems to be on a volunteer basis for now, although some of these doulas are charging at the lowest as $25.00. To read the full article, read over and search Doulas; or

Living Longer and Better Lives

When I wrote about living better longer (my first blog last week) I mention that we actually don’t know how much of the sixty items we should do to consider to make the effect is assisting us to live longer.

Whatever the many numbers you decided to do or are already doing, the thing is, most of the suggesting list of 60 items subdivided into fourteen subtitles will improve your living longer by more than fifteen percent.

As I read the article, more I found out that I have been pulling more them half of the suggestion list, and what surprises me most was I came up with my own conclusion that I had to change things around to make it better for my own body.

Again the full article can be found at bulletin. And check out our first blog and other blogs on our website @ Health Care Recruiting Company | Blog | Yonkers, NY | Health Care New York

Living Better and Longer

At some point in your years, a switch flips and you start thinking about a better and healthier life, A.A.R.P. offers an incredible guide to live a longer, better and healthier life.
I do wonder how much o the list (it offers 60 tips) one’s needs to pull through or how little from the list will help you have you complete switching.

Let say that for the last 5 years you are not answering the phone at 5 o’clock because you are watching your favorite rerun of your favorite TV show. For half an hour you are disconnect from electronic devices, is that too little?

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Couple Has Being Deny from Each Others Company

Mr. and Mrs. Single married for over 50 years, lived in a nursing home for over ten years, when Mrs. Singles went to the hospital for a medical check-up, lost her place could not go back to a place where she knew as home, Mrs. Single also suffer from Dementia. Mr. Single, could not see his wife of fifty years he passed without her, she passed without him.

If this story doesn’t make you angry I don’t know what would. The state of California railroad their right to stay together. It’s a sad story that the Single’s family decided to sue the nursing home that tore the couple apart.

By the time I finish reading the article I did wish that the legal system would bring justice to the now disease couple.
Read the full story, on the A.A.R.P bulletin in June/2021.