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When I started working in the healthcare field in 2005, I had no experience and certainly wasn’t prepared for the home nurse position I was hired for. I had never heard or known about living in or the meaning of 24/7 work. So as I was by my patient’s bedside, we were talking about next week’s doctor’s appointments. I had just brought in her lunch in a tray, so I set the tray down to rise the hospital bed so she could eat. A little background on her, she was bed-bound, has been in remission several times from cancers treatments that did not work for her, had several mental diagnoses and lately had been diagnosed with Dementia, by then her many doctors were doing house calls.

I really wasn’t aware of her capabilities. As I set the tray in her lap, she grabbed the fork and tried to stab me. If I was quick and at least aware of my surroundings, she would have stabbed me on my neck. Needless to say, that shocked me. I then spoke with her ex-husband, who advised me to change, utensils, glasses, and everything that presented a danger to plastic.

A person who has an episode the Dementia can become unstoppable, strong, and even dangerous to themselves. After that, every time I send out our support medical staff to our clients who have been dealing with mental health issues, I advise them to my story. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, not my clients or patients, their loved ones, or my staff. I don’t have to relive the day again.

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You Are Not a Doctor, Are You?

When did you become a doctor from the time you received your diagnoses to the minute that you were admitted to the hospital?
Know your body, symptoms, side effect, and being your own advocate for your health is one thing. Other is wide guess what doctors are thinking, why there is a request to go to the hospital, and why doctors aren’t telling everything.

If the doctors are telling everything, maybe there is nothing to tell. We all need to know our bodies, we need to know about medication or food allergies and reactions about everything, but from there to instantly become a doctor, I am sorry I don’t buy.

When you are hospitalized and later on admitted, you have to talk to the doctor and relate to them changes that happened in your routine. The simplest change can send your body into overdrive. I had a case that the client was a quadriplegic, and I want to address that issue. The thing is, the client was admitted because of pneumonia, not because the quadriplegic, been a quad advance everything but that at that point and time wasn’t the issue at hand. Being aware of your rights is also very important. However, not interfering with the diagnoses at hand and medical professionals’ work is also very important.

Bed Side Matters

When a doctor came to a patient round and tell them(the patient) that he/she is very persuasive, and because that they gets everything they wants, (having me as a witnesses) is very disturbing, if you are a doctor and have been working in the hospital system for the last year you should known that be persuasive wont help when the institution hospital is short staff.

One, you have to count the holiday season, two you have to remember Coronavirus resurgence. Have a patient schedule physical or occupational therapies is just plain wrong. However if you recall well burnt out and short staffing and you pretentiously can to say you are very persistent you are also obnoxious to me.

The hospitals don’t necessary leaves on doctors, but they do live from the janitorial services, certify nurses aides, personal care aide’s, registered nurses, security guards, food industry services and last but not least doctors. So you may be the highest paid, but the lowest in the scale in the essential.
So have self control, and do have in mind about team work.

Ageism and Work-Forced

Our blog is designed to inform our readers, not only do we talk about several studies related to Alzheimer’s and other subjects as well as we talk about ageism in the workforce. To read another important input related to that head over Click the link to read more about the differences between losing jobs before 50 years old, and younger employees. While long-term unemployment among all Americans remains historically high(37.4%), it’s higher still for those aged 55 and over, at almost 50%.

Head over to our site Health Care Recruiting Company | Blog – Yonkers, NY | Health Care New York on April/2020our blog name is Aging. we already had written about, discrimination, how many of us feel on the daily basis. I go through that myself where I have to “redefine” my career because I am not young anymore. Is interesting to see how people react to explain why they need to have a younger person to take care of their aging loved one and what I tell them is a younger person is more likely to want to work in a medical facility, not with an older person.

The Cost of Professionals you Need

I always recommended that if you want to divorce your spouse, you look for a lawyer, if you have either an adult child who is special needs or an ailing old adult, you need a professional non-skilled medical professional. The non-skilled means that they are there to escort, medication reminders, wake in the middle of the night, change diapers, assist with bathroom, bathing, and dressing your loved one. It does not mean we are stupid, and incapable to check vital signs, calling for 911, or a family member, one very important and often times discount as not important is notice sudden changes that can be rising to concern.
I consult, therefore when I speak with the family member soliciting my services, when a person tells me that their loved one wants to go out, and have a bit for eat and don’t disclose that the person receiving the care is a fall risk, has development disability, I won’t know he needs an expert. Full disclosure, the more skill the candidate is able to hone throughout their caregiver’s career the more expensive it will get.
There has to be a balance where you have a financial reward for the money you expended in learning the skills you need to stay afloat in the job market. I have resurfaced these subjects from an old blog.

ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Unit

If you follow our weekly blog, you will recall when on August/23/2020, I wrote how adult children are helping their parents downsize or age in place. We were talking about an Accessory Dwelling Unit, it is also a.k.a in-laws-suite or alley flats. These are the perfect and ultimate aging-in-place upgrade.

A.A.R.P. re-published on September/2021 an article that reviews the ADUs. To read our article go to our website Health Care Recruiting Company | Blog – Manhattan, NY | Health Care New York to read the A.A.R.P. article or to learn more, go to AARP’s Future of Housing ADU video library at to hear stories from ADUdwellers. For AARP ADU resources, go to

The kicker with the ADU is you are still living in the same neighborhood, close to transportation, healthy food, and interesting shops and parks. In other words, the physical space has changed, not your surroundings. ADU is being approved in several States since 2004.

Natural Solutions to Acid Reflux: How to Relieve GERD Without Medication

Fruits and Salad

Image via Pexels

Most people experience heartburn at some point or another. You’re probably familiar with the burning sensation in your chest or sour taste in your throat after eating something your body doesn't agree with.

For some people, acid reflux is more than an occasional discomfort. Chronic acid reflux is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, and is caused by a lower esophageal sphincter that doesn't close properly, allowing stomach acid to backflow into the esophagus.

GERD causes a range of unpleasant symptoms, including heartburn, chest pain, nausea, bad breath, and difficulty swallowing. Acid reflux can make it difficult for sufferers to eat and sleep, in addition to causing long-term damage to the esophagus and teeth.

The Problem with Conventional GERD Treatments

There are some possible dangers of omeprazole, a GERD medication that's one of the most commonly-prescribed drugs in the U.S. Despite its warning that omeprazole shouldn't be used for more than eight weeks, many people take omeprazole long-term. Some studies have suggested long-term use might lead to complications including liver damage, kidney disease, chronic inflammation, and disruption of the gut flora. However, researchers have noted that there need to be more studies conducted. Omeprazole isn't the only GERD treatment with risks. Antacid tablets and antacid liquids like Mylanta may also worsen acid reflux symptoms, among other side effects, when used long-term.

How to Find Natural Relief from Acid Reflux

How can GERD sufferers find relief from acid reflux without problematic medications?

Cultivate a healthy gut microbiome

When you want to combat acid reflux, start at the source: your gut. An unhealthy gut microbiome causes inflammation and acidification, leading to health problems like heartburn, weight gain, and even depression. In addition to avoiding acid reflux medications, which decrease the diversity of gut flora, diet is key to cultivating a healthy gut. Eating plenty of raw prebiotic fibers and cultured foods creates an environment where healthy flora can thrive.

Change the way you eat

Eating more fiber is a smart choice for nearly everyone: Most Americans eat less than half the recommended amount of fiber, according to Harvard Medical School. This leads to an increase in health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon cancer. Low fiber consumption is also linked to acid reflux, whereas increased fiber intake improves symptoms.

That's just one change that can improve life with acid reflux. In addition to eating more fiber, these dietary changes help manage GERD:

  • Eat frequent small meals and healthy snacks instead of three big meals. Avoid snacks with added sugar or salt and instead, opt for fiber- and protein-rich snacks like hard-boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and vegetables with hummus.

  • Avoid foods and drinks that trigger acid reflux symptoms, including acidic, fried, fatty, spicy, minty, carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic products. Opt for healthy cooking methods like sauteing, roasting, braising, or baking instead of frying.

  • Eat alkaline foods to offset stomach acid. Bananas, melons, cucumbers, greens, nuts, and legumes are examples of alkaline foods.

  • Don't eat before bed. Timing the largest meal earlier in the day and avoiding late-night snacking reduce the likelihood of nighttime GERD symptoms. Sleeping on the left side and raising the head of the bed also provides relief.

Combat inflammation

Acid reflux causes inflammation in the esophagus, but that's not the only link between inflammation and GERD. Inflammation is also a cause of GERD in some patients, research suggests. That makes fighting inflammation a top priority whether you're seeking to heal the inflammation and irritation caused by GERD or stop acid reflux at the source.

  • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Limit processed foods, refined sugar, trans fat, and red meat.

  • Lose weight. Inflammation and acid reflux are more common in people who are overweight.

  • Stop smoking and moderate alcohol consumption. In addition to other negative health effects, these vices contribute to inflammation.

  • Reduce stress. While some stress is inevitable, chronic stress contributes to inflammation. Regular yoga practice is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve well-being.

  • Try acu-therapy to tame systemic inflammation. Achieving results from acu-therapy doesn't require needles or electric shocks.

Don't automatically reach for over-the-counter and prescription medication the next time acid reflux strikes. Try the above methods to see if your acid reflux is reduced. If you can’t relieve your acid reflux and GERD by these means, consult your trusted doctor or medical professional.

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Senior and Food Insecurity

I grew up with food insecurity. After my father left us, my mother had to make a decision between paying rent or putting food on the table. She didn’t accomplish either.

So now, living in the U.S., I am overly concerned about food waste, overdo and never having enough. Now old Americans with low income are facing the same challenge. Many old Americans count on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).
A healthy meal can prevent diabetes; to be able to access a healthy diet, an increase in SNAP from $204.00 to $250.00 a month for one person can make a difference.
The program goal is to put a healthy diet in front of 8.7 million low-income households.
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Retirement Planning Tips for Immigrants and Expats

Counting Money

Image: Pexels

There are many benefits of retirement planning, including investing now for financial security when you retire. Interest will accrue over time, allowing small regular contributions to grow into significant savings. If you’re an expat or immigrant, you need to decide whether to retire in your home country or divide work-life between countries. Many who work abroad, still support their families and plan to get back to their home country after retirement.

Even if you’re not close to retirement, there’s no better time to start preparing for retirement than now. While you may have the right intentions to establish yourself back home while working abroad, cross-border finances can be complex.

Here are guidelines for expats and immigrants to help them plan for these situations.

Retiring in Another Country

The first option is retiring in the country you live or work. Review your current retirement accounts, whether they include a 401(k), pension plan, Roth IRA, or another structure of savings. When planning for your retirement in a different country, you need to consider several things, including:

  • Stability of the currency and economy
  • How retirement income is taxed
  • Age restrictions for retirement

To navigate the complex environment of retirement planning as an immigrant or expat, here’s a look at all these three factors.

  • Taxes on Retirement Income: When you start using your retirement investments or savings, they will be subjected to taxation. In a country like the U.S., when you withdraw from your 401(K) after the age of 59.5, all disbursements are treated as income. Tax laws vary greatly between countries, so compare options between your country of residence and home country to know which provides you with a better retirement package.
  • Age Restrictions: In some places, there are age restrictions on retirement. Check the laws in the country you want to set up your retirement savings as this affects when you can access retirement funds. 401(k) explains that in the U.S., a 401(K) participant can withdraw money from their plan when they reach 59 ½ years without paying a 10% early withdrawal penalty.
  • Economic Stability: The relative stability of your currency back home and in the country, you work in also helps when working out where to set up your retirement plan. A stable economy means you can expect the currency to avoid fluctuations, which gives a predictable rate of return on your investment. Check historical exchange rates to know how far your money can stretch in the new country.

Investing in Multiple Countries

Besides only investing for your retirement in the country you work in, you could also put some money in your home country.  This means having foreign portfolio investment and building a retirement kitty back home. Focusing on multiple countries allows you to explore different options, including funds, real estate, and companies. In some countries, multinational investors reap the benefits of a system that’s easier to navigate. Compare the tax system in your country and where you work to know how much you can put in both.

Talk to a Professional

Navigating retirement planning for expats and immigrants can get tricky. Laws change, and you could find new investment vehicles that will give you incredible returns. An expert will help you understand the complex issues and find the best way to invest for your retirement. An accountant who specializes in foreign investment will be a suitable choice to assist you.

Also, it’s common for seniors to opt for selling their family home for something smaller when they retire. This allows them more freedom. If you plan on getting a convenient place to stay, you can review your plan to include housing in more than one address. Check out the local housing prices for a U.S. home to know what you can expect when you sell or buy; for example, homes in Manhattan averaged a sales price of $1.25 million last year — an amount that would provide for a long and cushiony retirement in several other countries.


Planning for retirement is important. Even if you’re an immigrant or an expat, you can plan for your retirement focusing on both your host country and where you come from. Consider the laws and opportunities in both countries to decide which country provides the best environment for investors.

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I Actually Knew I Was into Something

The other day I gave a short interview related to why I opened up my business? I always knew my problem solve and leadership spirits; I did; however, I received a little push. Since I accidentally started in the Healthcare field, I find myself immersed in a world of possibilities. The push came when I thought that being an immigrant, I would face too many challenges and some obstacles, like me not being a nurse. I thought those two would cut me from the races. I am a former home health care aide; I do have the inside crack of clients’ everyday needs, as well as the families also.

But when a client or their families tell me that thanks to my job, they are at peace, I know I am into something right.