You Should Not be Embarrassed, Ashamed or Afraid

When you are the primary caregiver of your loved one, like a spouse taking care of a spouse, being scared to look for outside help is just plain crazy.

If you feel that some else is judging, from afar because you are “unprepared“ to take on more than you bargained for; it’s because that person has never had to walk in your shoes.

Everyone thinks that being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia is memory loss. There is a truth to that, however, for some the memory loss is much faster than for others. For some family that means that their loved one may be physically lost; like they opened the door and are heading to where they think home is. When a patient does this they become what is called a patient with mental health issues and is a runner.

Oftentimes when we sign a client up that has mental health issues, we try to send out two aides to assist and serve the client better. One aide is cooking the other interacting with the client.

Any time that you need help, help is available to you. You can call and set up an interview by calling 855-299-6757. We are here to guide you.

Scammers Are Out There to Get Us

I have been the victim of a scammer. Years ago when I was looking for a job, because I was desperate, I let my guard down and was scammed.  The thieves offered and forwarded me a fake check that I was supposed to deposit in my bank account and the minute that the check was clear, so were my funds.

The bank suspected phishing activity in the account and closed it down.  Funny to say the bank suspected, however, not the teller. And even more interestingly, when I went to talk to the branch manager about the situation it was the same manager that cleared it and the same teller that days earlier assisted me. They acted like I was a criminal.

I did file a police report and I filed all-suite and procedures I was supposed to follow, from that day on I became convinced that such scammers weren’t so far overseas as some want us to believe.

My trust was shaken and I am more aware. I no longer answer my phone without checking the caller id. When I am unsure, it goes to my answering machine. When I am not comfortable, I hang up. I never even called back to see what the person wants in order to not have my number registered in their caller id. I also urged our clients and their families to do the same. Don’t share anything, even on social media, I wait a couple of weeks.

Building a Health Team

When working with a client/patient the health care worker must overcome the many barriers that clients may build. In case the client only needs companionship care many times the family may “impose” on making decisions and call all the shots. I can understand the sense of urgency the situation may have however, the most important part is including the senior family member in the decision-making process. When that isn’t an option, try a videotape and or have a POA (power of attorney) sign.

No one appreciates having a stranger in their house telling them what to do, and secondly, that imposition can cause friction and propel the client to build a wall of resistance and not accept the help they sometimes desperately need.

My suggestion would be for patients to be prepared to make a convincing argument about their physical and medical needs at the point and time when there is no family member with full-time availability to take charge of their care needs.

Always make an effort to include others, talk about and share your plans with all of the family that wants to be included, and include home healthcare aides with your ideas. Its important to build a team not walls.

Clean up after your yourself

Life is stressful. Some people manage to make that ten times fold. I am a very simple person, therefore when I see my desk, closet or whatever needs organizing and or cleaning, I just got to around to do it.

Only will take few minutes each day to keep in a good standard, when you are running the dishwasher or the washer or dryer, organize one draw from the desk.

Over the years working with some of my clients that had a diagnose mental health issue, I used to do one little thing at time. However also did worked with another client whom used to plan around, overly analyze and at the end does not accomplish anything. And always blaming me to not being able to do what she thought was needed to do.

Others think that clean-up is like writing where the first narrative is a draft and after that comes a lot editing and by the time you wake up you haven’t written anything.

Some people created walls impossible to climb over, these specific clients build several walls, making the client/ aide relationship non-existent, unpleasant and very difficult.

Should you or Shouldn’t you disclose a disability to your employer

Just read an article in the New York Times about how or when to disclose a disability to your employer or co-worker. When I first started working with my last client, before leaving for school and beginning to work on my own business, I did tell my patient that I sometimes would forget things. Right then and there I signed my death sentence.

The client calls her friends to tell them that I had mental health issues as well as a learning disability. I have never in my life had those diagnoses. However, it was easy for her to label me as one. Her mom even mentions to me that I had Bipolar disorder. A disorder that I have known because I had worked with a client who had the diagnoses. And thanks to that client I had to participate in her psychiatric sections, which helped me in understanding how to better help her.

Mental health disabilities and chronic pain are known to be an invisible disability, physical disability is known to be visible. I just learn.

Because I did had that bad experienced I would say don’t say about your disability, however, I also do understand that would be easy to assist you to perform your best if your boss has the knowledge about what makes you tick. One thing that personally bothers me is enough already of having the conversation, let’s work on it.

It does not matter if you do not have a disability or not, we always will have some else trying to make us feel bad about ourselves. The power is within us to not allow that to happen.

Who Helps our Doctors with their Mental Health Issues?

How often we all fantasize and even glamorize a doctor’s life, however, how many of us think doctors, our beloved doctors, may have a dark secret and or are overworked, or underpaid, and could be strangling to make their ends meet or suffering from mental health issues?

Does anyone realize that many doctors start their day by 3 am, where there is a need to perform surgery, by 6 am giving rounds in the hospitals and visiting their patients, by 17 pm maybe eating lunch, and by 12 am going home to start a few short hours later? Who assists the doctor in recovering and or talks to them when a patient passes on? There should be an easy situation, life takes a turn to the worst. Who is there for them with their difficulties?

Nowadays everyone is bound to deal with a mental health crisis Doctors are the same as any person, alone dealing with their own feelings. How do you help a doctor with their own health crisis? Where should begin, how do we make sure that doctors seek help as they prescribe it to us?

Here is my question: would you recommend a good psychiatrist for your doctor?

Front Liners of the Medical Professionals

You can’t start talk about the Registered Nurse or doctors without mention the from line folks that are the core of the medical field, home health care aides and emergency medical technicians.

Being a home health care aides is the thankless job ever anyone can possibly desire, no one consider their everyday observance and acknowledgement, no one appreciates the fact that in order for a family safely choose to keep their loved one aging at home, both client and family members will really heavenly in their caregivers. When a caregiver needs a day off for a medical appointment all hell breaks loose because no one can and more often them one imagen wants to stay with their loved one. Family members don’t know how to or don’t care to know how a caregiver perform their job.

All it knows is that some else must stay with mom or their choice will be transfer mom to a nursing home. Home health care training cost $ 1.300,00 plus uniform and maybe a book, should last a year.

Now, I know very little about EMTs however I do know that they deal with clients with mental health issues, perform CPR on and all are dealing with a very stressful situation, make life changing choices in split seconds time, and more often them we think never make back home. They are training should last a year, cost $ 1.000,00 plus $ 500,00 on books, room and boar all coming from the candidate.

And both paid $ 15,00 an hour, for the candidate to make a decent living, most has two or more jobs, and neither require college degree, making their cost not worth. My personal advice, no one should think their they are in a career, those professionals should consider moved on as fast as they can.

Assisting your loved one Downsizing

Start small, start with an idea or suggesting that maybe its time to downsizing. Explain the safety issues with their current living situations. Plan, do not ambush your loved one, don’t think by a minute that you are taking the charge and pack things and moving your loved one from their home to a smaller place there won’t be challenges, or fights and even anxiety. You are wrong, even a person diagnoses with Alzheimer’s/Dementia you will have a problem.

Take the lead, not take the charge, do not go ahead and start making decisions, lead the way. The best way is to start to point out how the winter is brutal that winter times require to winterize the whole house and that how difficult it became to go up and down the basement stair to do the laundry, remember your loved ones they are included in the process.

Make appointments to visit some senior apartments, encourage the fact that some of the senior complex offer home health care services.

For the most take away here is explain that you are assisting your family member rightsizing for the future. For many senior, making the decision to move to a retirement community isn’t about downsizing to a smaller place- it’s about finding  the right place, social activities, plan a different kind of future, to a space that better fits their new life and goals.

Stopping your Life to Take Care of your Loved One

Lately I have being seeing a lot commercial about one’s taking care of their family member and getting paid for. I have a very strong against position about this. All the commercial says that my son or daughter takes care of “me” and have a financial means to care for their own families and “I” feel safe to know that a family member is here with me.

What it really concerns me is what its not being say, a family member taking care of a parent of a loved one stops living their own lives, being a caretaker means giving and not receiving. In case you are single and in school, how can you leave the person to go to school or go out with friends so the loved one does not stay alone. Now if you are married with children of your own, how can you not disrupt your family routine to be with your loved one around the clock.

Getting pay is not enough for a very taxing and demanding work, clients wants and needs around the clock attention, and this to mention that diagnoses such as dementia and sometimes when the elderly falls. In some cases, the children are spread around the country, or does not had a great family structure to fell close enough to their loved one neither they have a comfortable level to embrace the caregiving.

When you choose to an agency to assisted you in hire an aide you also are getting the “village” need to assist your loved one.

Safety At Home And Out

For the past ten years we have being seeing an increased-on Seniors scams. How can we be one step ahead of the game? Lately it is not only seniors, is everyone.

Scammers are out to prey on any one whom give than their time.

I learn few tricks am gladly will share with you.

1)I only open the door when I order take out or am expecting deliver, and when the deliver people came, I asked who it is;

2)I never disclosed on social media when I am traveling, I await to post after I came back. I also never disclosed pin-point precision location;

3) I text my relatives one by one where and when I am off traveling;

4) I only have one social media page wish is used to keep in touch with my family living abroad. Notice here that I do not mention location;

5) I don’t answer my phone call I let them go to voice message;

6) when I am driving and some else knocks at my window, I do not roll down and exposed myself, making myself vulnerable;

7) when I first start in 2005, I started off by being a 24/7 living in aide, my client who used to lose everything lost the key from the main door, we lived day and night without lock the door. I never disclosed that info until I went to jobs interviews;

8) Put a mat into the shower stall or tube, if you leave by yourself bring your phone with you;

9) Do not open your wallet on the street, do not give to people coming to you asking money on an organization behalf, usually an organization or any other group has a webpage design to donation collection.