Women and the Workforce

When your loved one is diagnosed with a disease some will either volunteer or force to volunteer, when I said forced to volunteer I mean the circumstances will present themselves for that to happen. When my parents were alive, the circumstances always manage to find me, I was the go to person. That is also true for others.

When her mother is diagnose with Dementia, she became the primary caregiver, often times being a women we are caught on the guilt trip of am I a bad daughter for not take care of the woman who bear me? No you are not a bad daughter, some woman don't have what it takes to care for another loved one. Is a very stressful situation where your have to be a daughter, mother and caretaker sometimes at the same time, like the diagnose of mental health issue, wont have a cure, only a steady decline and the end.

Read more about the story of one particular woman, telling a hidden story behind many closed doors, she has a college degree, is 35 years old, and since her mother's diagnoses, went on a date 3 times. why Aren’t More women Working? They’re caring for their parents.

In Illinois They Crack the Code

There is a new program in one of the nursing homes in Illinois.  Now older Americans, with limited mobility, are getting outside much more thanks to a program that matches cyclists and the seniors.
The pedicab has the seats in the front and a pilot in the back which started in Denmark and its starting to catch up in the United States several chapters.

So far it's been a success in Pennsylvania and Illinois, and I am pretty sure it mainly put a smile on the nursing home residents' faces.

To be able to see new faces and the fresh air. It's wonderful. The program is called Cycling Without Age.  For more information please log in to these

Happy cycling to everyone!

Seniors and Technology

Internet, cell phones, apple phones, blue tooth and everything in between, and the latest is the senior apps.  There are 10 applications dedicated to assisting seniors.

I will first explore the first five and the second blog will be the other five.

First app: Epicurious; is a food-related recipe app with 35,000 recipes cooking videos, and seasonal ingredients.

Second app: Locus Map; this app is for hiking and navigation, is available by paid and free, it wasn’t made for seniors it has started to catch on with the third age folks.

Third app: Can I Retire Yet? Personal finance expert Darrow Kirkpatrick helps users track their progress toward retirement.

Fourth app: Luminosity; staying mentally sharp. Do I need to say more? And last but not least;

Fifth app: Homeaway; the popular app for vacation booking, which is similar to AirBnB.

I personally haven’t download any of these apps, and I confess, I am an old school body and love be home and use my landline and make the booking and appointments I need, and when I am done I print the confirmation.

Cancer Survivor and Exercise Go a Long Way

When the horrible diagnosis is confirmed and the doctor actually tells you that you indeed have breast cancer, many things go through your mind and your head spins. How is this possible as you look to your breast and ask yourself. Why? Why you? And how your kids and extended family will handle it.

The most important thing is to ask all the questions and follow your oncologist care plan and you probably think that your doctor went bananas when suggesting that you should exercise.

You are just out from radiation treatment and recovering from reconstructive surgery and the doctor tells you to start exercising. The truth is that by advising you to exercise the whole idea is to help you to regain everything the diagnosis almost took from you – there are your body’s strength and balance.

There is a very interesting article in the Hadassah Magazine about a cancer survivor that tells us her battle with cancer and how physical exercise assisted her.
I believe in exercise to keep one in healthy body weight, mentally sharp, and mood control, as well to prevention from getting sick.


License practical nurse or license vocational nurse ( are the same, some states refer to them differently) work under the supervision of a nurse, at these level of the medical field you have basically two choices of employment, you either work in a medical facility such as home health care settings or a hospital and the other choice you have is work with a home health care agency and provide care to a client in their own home.

Because you must go to school your level to responsibility bigger in an overall picture, you are one step ahead of a CNA, companion care or PCAs and home attendants.

I may be bias to these cases because I did work as a cna for many years and when I did have the financial means to move on up and became an LPN.

I am afraid of the labeling, the lack of sympathy for the millions of hard working hhc, or maybe I am just plain afraid.

LPN’s salary is $20.76, more education better the salary and options, fair, absolute; however still the home health care aides are the person whom is under rated. How can we change that?

Home Health Care Aides

To be a home health care aide, there is no need to have a degree of any kind, most of H.H.A or home attended and the Patient Care Aide or companion are middle age women or men, who never went to school and that considered themselves as an important part and front liner of the healthcare business. Salary is $10,91 between 5-9 years of experience and 10-19 years of experience the salary rises to $11.07 at best.

What really gets to me is besides not had a college degree, whatever you do deserves the respect like anyone would give to a college grad. When I used to work as hhc, I change the name for home-nurse, I started working with some else whom had many mental and physical challenges from the patient’s side. I on the other hand was trained as I was going along by the client who was a former nurse and her ex-husband.

I am not talking about get high paid for being train I mean the lack of respect from the ambient towards the medical professional.

Home health care aides, deal with many things such as personal hygiene and change diapers, prepare meals and takes care of all day living plus medical needs escort to appointments.

New York Times Article

You Should Not be Embarrassed, Ashamed or Afraid

When you are the primary caregiver of your loved one, like a spouse taking care of a spouse, being scared to look for outside help is just plain crazy.

If you feel that some else is judging, from afar because you are “unprepared“ to take on more than you bargained for; it’s because that person has never had to walk in your shoes.

Everyone thinks that being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia is memory loss. There is a truth to that, however, for some the memory loss is much faster than for others. For some family that means that their loved one may be physically lost; like they opened the door and are heading to where they think home is. When a patient does this they become what is called a patient with mental health issues and is a runner.

Oftentimes when we sign a client up that has mental health issues, we try to send out two aides to assist and serve the client better. One aide is cooking the other interacting with the client.

Any time that you need help, help is available to you. You can call and set up an interview by calling 855-299-6757. We are here to guide you.

Scammers Are Out There to Get Us

I have been the victim of a scammer. Years ago when I was looking for a job, because I was desperate, I let my guard down and was scammed.  The thieves offered and forwarded me a fake check that I was supposed to deposit in my bank account and the minute that the check was clear, so were my funds.

The bank suspected phishing activity in the account and closed it down.  Funny to say the bank suspected, however, not the teller. And even more interestingly, when I went to talk to the branch manager about the situation it was the same manager that cleared it and the same teller that days earlier assisted me. They acted like I was a criminal.

I did file a police report and I filed all-suite and procedures I was supposed to follow, from that day on I became convinced that such scammers weren’t so far overseas as some want us to believe.

My trust was shaken and I am more aware. I no longer answer my phone without checking the caller id. When I am unsure, it goes to my answering machine. When I am not comfortable, I hang up. I never even called back to see what the person wants in order to not have my number registered in their caller id. I also urged our clients and their families to do the same. Don’t share anything, even on social media, I wait a couple of weeks.

Building a Health Team

When working with a client/patient the health care worker must overcome the many barriers that clients may build. In case the client only needs companionship care many times the family may “impose” on making decisions and call all the shots. I can understand the sense of urgency the situation may have however, the most important part is including the senior family member in the decision-making process. When that isn’t an option, try a videotape and or have a POA (power of attorney) sign.

No one appreciates having a stranger in their house telling them what to do, and secondly, that imposition can cause friction and propel the client to build a wall of resistance and not accept the help they sometimes desperately need.

My suggestion would be for patients to be prepared to make a convincing argument about their physical and medical needs at the point and time when there is no family member with full-time availability to take charge of their care needs.

Always make an effort to include others, talk about and share your plans with all of the family that wants to be included, and include home healthcare aides with your ideas. Its important to build a team not walls.

Clean up after your yourself

Life is stressful. Some people manage to make that ten times fold. I am a very simple person, therefore when I see my desk, closet or whatever needs organizing and or cleaning, I just got to around to do it.

Only will take few minutes each day to keep in a good standard, when you are running the dishwasher or the washer or dryer, organize one draw from the desk.

Over the years working with some of my clients that had a diagnose mental health issue, I used to do one little thing at time. However also did worked with another client whom used to plan around, overly analyze and at the end does not accomplish anything. And always blaming me to not being able to do what she thought was needed to do.

Others think that clean-up is like writing where the first narrative is a draft and after that comes a lot editing and by the time you wake up you haven’t written anything.

Some people created walls impossible to climb over, these specific clients build several walls, making the client/ aide relationship non-existent, unpleasant and very difficult.