Conspiracy theory, a dispute among landlord and tenant, or bad blood between neighbors? What actually happened?

Today as I was coming down from visiting a client (I was in the elevator) I said hello to whoever was inside the elevator and as the woman said hello back, she mentions that she is not certain if she should have said hello to me because she didn’t know if I was in their side. Or I was a friendly person without any intentions what’s so ever.

She then proceeded to tell me that she had several times caught the building staff listening behind her door, slid treat, and mistreatment towards her and some other terrible things. She also advised me to no tell anyone that I am an immigrant because American people do not like immigrants.

And these elevator rides were the longest in my whole life. Are people losing touch with reality or all does things really took placed, is this person sane?

Did the professionals always acting in a professional like manner? Or are there slip ups and from time to time is does get personal?

As I am writing I can see myself dwelling on everything she has told me. Am I struggling to see what is crystal clear?

The Flu Shot

This week I want to talk about the flu shot and season, every year we hear the news saying that this will be the worst influenza season, and the reason is weather changing, meaning global warming if you pick this very October/22nd temps you will realize that its more like to be mid-November temperatures. Unbalance.

It is the same with your body, unbalance it will cause you to be bodily unprepared for what the weather its throwing in your way.

Flu shot and all the other healthy habits you keep will assist you and help protect you from catching the flu, for some of us it only minimizes the effects, for others will complete block.

Either way is worth to take the shot, I make a tradition, every October/1st I take the shot, either by my doctors’ clinic or at the pharmacy.



Must be an aide Kindness

Another day as I was coming to visit one of HealthCareNewYork’s client, I came across the most beautiful scene. I saw an aide holding hands with her client. It could be one million reason for that action.

Few things that comes to mind is the client may have balance issues, they were late for an appointment and in need to walk fast, or could be he was a runner( sometimes when one works with clients that are suffering with Dementia, they may try to run away from the aide), could be because they need make a run for the bus. Another possible explanation is family orders.

I choose to think that the aide was giving her 10+ self, or using a different wording, personal touch.

When we start our classes on home health care, we talk about one’s hygiene, how to safely transfer and assisted any medical and all-day living needs that client may or may not need.

However never prize or reinforce on personal touch.

My congratulation for the aide, taking one steep to make some else’s life even better. What I regret is not take the time to congratulated her on her action.





Last week I spoke about Medicare, this week is Medicaid. Medicaid is governing by States and is a social service program designate to assisted families and individuals who lives below the poverty line and or qualify and depends on annual income.

Each state regulates Medicaid at its own discretion, and just in case you would like to use your NY state Medicaid in another State or vise-versa you need to re-apply, below you will find the chart.

Family size annual income with some conditions such as Blind, disable and 65+:

  1. $ 10.100,00
  2. $ 14.800,00
  3. $ 17.020,00

Singles, couples without children:

  1. $ 16.754,00
  2. $ 22.715,00
  3. $ 28.677,00

Often is Medicare vs Medicaid, so in any case this is an information that I felt compel to share, any more question we can research and answer for you, please give us a call 1-855-29WORKS. You always can find using our website or at our social media pages; or twitter and Instagram @hhcagency2011.

Understanding Medicare Mechanism

Medicare is pay by you on your very first on the books job, it’s a medical insurance offer by the government, it comes, deduct from your paycheck, monthly and most companies offers a third-party insurance coverage, so when you are an active duty employee you used your company’s health, insurance.

When you retire Medicare kicks in and them you make choice to keep or not your company’s third-party health insurance or pay out of pocket, to cover whatever Medicare does not cover, the famously 20%.

Medicare offers doctors, hospitals and medical supplies or equipment, upon your coverage.

Medicare it only be used when you retire, many retire folks does not have a secondary coverage and decide to pay out of pocket. It’s worth it.

7 Ways Medicare is Getting Better

  1. Doughnut Hole
  2. Therapy cap gone
  3. Better information
  4. More telemedicine
  5. Potential life-style support
  6. In-home help
  7. Plan test-drives

Caregiver or Caretaker

I consider myself a person whom cares, I took care of my grandma when she was diagnosed Alzheimer’s in 1982, years later I also took care of my mom when she with her divorce.

In 2000 I assisted my old brother with his needs. So, in 2005 when I had my cross-career path from nursery school teacher to patient care assistant I found out that I was in the right field.

I am a caregiver, I put other’s needs first.

Making arrangement and the let my clients know even that I am on my day off I am one phone call away if an emergency arise.

I am reliable, trustworthy and ready for the tick and thin of life. I win every single benefit from any client that I ever work.

And I feel that my attitude towards my work and job has paid me off, I am a very satisfy human being I achieved my goal professionally.

How about you, do you feel that you are happy professionally?




Working with the unpredictable

Sometimes when we work with clients on a private setting the best way to prepare yourself is prepare for the unpredictable of any situations. I used to work with a client whom not only did not knew what priority were as well would not put the cell phone or phone down.  The patron wanted to check the phone every would ring or in the cell case make a noise, on the account could be important.

So, a task that should last may be an hour would stretch the whole morning. And one day when I finally asked what the priorities where? It did not surprise me at all that I could not had an answer. Not only that, when the “statements” a.k.a. complains used to come around and I asked who you would like me to perform these or that I never received an answer.

I everything could and did change in a second, once when the client an I was ready to leave and the go out, the client decide to do the pills, yeah you hear right pocketbook, sun glasses, lipstick everything, all was missing was us (the client and I) cross the trash hold, lock the front door and make our way to the elevators.

Used to as I am to deal with the unpredictable without complains from my end, we set the pills for the week, setting us back another half an hour.

That’s life when you work with the unexpecting of one’s lack of goals set.



Worked as a private home-nurse for 15 years.

Are You Really Sure You Are Changing Your Client’s Life?

As I have mentioned before, I worked as an independent home-nurse for 13 years, and recently as I was talking with a friend of me, she says that I was changing my client’s life, and I was quick on my feet to state that none one is interested or has hired me to change their lives. I never felt like I changed anyone’s lives, I was hired to perform tasks and activities.
Here are few of my reasons : 1) none has the time anymore to help a loved one or a family member;2) stress with its own ongoing life;3) is cheaper to recruited hire an assisted a loved one at home to age in place; 4) it takes an emotional toll on everyone’s involved with the care; 5) if the loved one is diagnosed with mental health issues family members tend to live in denial about the diagnoses.
Back to my point I personally don’t believe on change one’s life, and besides all the changes you want to see start with yourself, in my opinion, every time you are hired to perform a task and believed that you are changing your client life I believe you are making a mistake.
I want to stress that I only am expressing my own opinion and I would like to hear if you may disagree or have a different point of view.

Rachel Nobre

Committing to the Unknown

From 2005, until up to very recently were I worked as a private home nurse, the so called one-on-one, directly with the clients in their own homes I basically committed to the unknown. I am not sure if everyone is having the same issues that I had, however I decided to tell my side of the story.

When we are hiring to work as… (you fill in the blank) we do not know what will happened, a friend once told me that I was changing my client’s life and I answer that I wasn’t there for that, no one wants make changes, no one wants a strange in their houses telling them what or not to do. And everyone knows that every change that I want to see in the planet begins with me.

I used to have a friend in the dog park who used to say that no one knows what happened behind closed doors, he could not be righter. When we closed the door and the one-on-one begins, often begins verbally abuse, bullying, high maintenance personality, high demand, lack of ethics, disrespected, withholding food, and not mention gossiping about us, our personal life or life style, naming calling , not to mention co-workers whom do not perform as high as you do, develop caddy behavior, complains about you and your performance, and its all-around mean, without working ethics at all.

So, when we agreed to work as a privately, we don’t really know what we will get. Whomever is your lucky, I wish you good luck, I know that sometimes does not look promising, but I urge you to think and consider be the better person, however does complains won’t stop after you leave, its always be whom they are.


Rachel Nobre

Former private home-nurse

Social Media/Email Manners

Today I would like to talk about a simple that some of us are not quite sure, such as manners online, what should you publish or not, pictures of you on family gatherings or peeking in the toilet, in a perfect word and nonjudgmental work environment the family gatherings would be the best choice, however my advice is none.

If you have an email and social media platforms the best practice is to keep professional and personal as far away as possible. I personally recommend having two distinct emails one with your favorite (pet, doll, ex-boyfriends name) and one professional with your professional industry attached to it.

By doing so will give the job seeker a better distinction. The employers will evaluate your skills and appearance on both fronts. I want to approach the subject of social media platform where nowadays everything is done on the World Wide Web, think twice to before you hit the send button, it will get you in so much trouble, that you must exercise discretion. One can not expect privacy when taking advantage of your favorite coffee shop. Your privacy, it’s your job to keep private.

Is essential that you try your best to keep separate both worlds, is like the old say “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, private or too personal information may be offensive to some.

I remember when I first start looking for a job, my first advice was, comb your hair, don’t bite your nails, wash your clothes, in other words, groom yourself to make a good first impression. The same goes for those silly and natty pictures and text messages. Companies nowadays have access to everything that happens in any one’s life.

One last thought your personal life should not get in the way of a better job, work environment, higher salary, and its personal to you and your loved ones, it belongs yours, family and friend’s memories.

Rachel Nobre
Worked as an independent home nurse.