Good News for Alzheimer’s Patients

Dr. Lon S. Schneider, professor of psychiatry, neurology, and gerontology at the University of Southern California, has great news about patients in a two-year trial for Alzheimer’s. A new drug from the maker Eli Lilly has been monitoring 272 patients with brain scans indicative of Alzheimer’s disease.

This study has been monitoring patients whose scans did not diagnose or have symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Participants who received the drug has a 32 percent deceleration in the rate of decline. In six to twelve months, plaques were gone and stayed gone.

Read the full article titled Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise in Small Trial at

Medicare will now Assisted Individuals and Families with In-home Dialysis

For years those whom need help with dialysis, had a very difficult time after Covid-19, it became a real issue for whomever need visit a medical facility to have the procedure done.
Now Medical will assisted with payments for patients in need to dialysis, still many details yet to be worked however its a very promising opportunity.
Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) is also looking for to assisted the dialysis patients to perform the procedure at home by doing so its intended to curb a very exposure of some whom is vulnerable to contract diseases to better protect themselves.
Home dialysis expands under Medicare, older Americans with kidney ailments will find easier to get treatments at home. These changes starts January/2021.
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You Finish the Sentence

As like everyone we promises ourselves that we will. Promises from the New Year, at my aged and with many broken dreams under my belt I stopped renew my wishes.
One thing I did was when I lost my second dog I did started walking for two reasons, one I want to keep myself busy, two I want to fulfill the void from losing my dogs. Its being six year since I started walking.
One thing I did was rewire myself to practice preventive healthcare, and walking six out of seven days is preventing me from stay still, helps me keep fit, sleeping well and its being easier to concentrated and overall health in check.
Whatever you choose to do or not to do, when December/31ft rolls about try to remember the reason why you promise yourself.

Pandemic 2020

This year could not be any more difficult, pandemic or Covid-19 make worse. Doctors have come forward to give us all advice, exercise, social distance, wear a mask, protect yourself and family, one of my favorite doctors Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN chief medical correspondent, and a new book coming out on January/2021.

Step 1) Maintain social connection in a physically distanced world;
Step 2) Eat for resiliency;
Step 3) Move more- exercise remains key to mental sharpness and a healthy immune system;
Step 4) Boost immunity through sound sleep;
Step 5) Ward off anxiety and fears by learning something new to distract from the negative news.

Those are the simplest steps anyone could follow. To read more about the full interview and in-depth about the five steps and Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s new book, go to A.A.R.P December/2020 / January/2021.

Fight and Hope for Alzheimers

We spoke about her journey on December/6/2019, she has Alzheimer’s disease running in her family. Her prognosis was to be diagnose, have offset of Alzheimer’s by the age of 40. On November/10/2020 in her early 70s she past away without Alzheimer’s but melanoma.

A year ago a came across the story of a colombian woman, most of her female family members has being diagnose with Alzheimer’s, but not her for almost 30 years she has agreed to be follow by scientists in Colombia to try to find out why and how she has being “safe” from display signs of Alzheimer’s.

Now that she past away her brain will be study and a through investigation about the whys and hows to be explain. Its an amazing discovery if those scientist will be able to unlocked the secret.
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Alzheimer’s and Plants

There still a lot of studies and research to be done and information to be shared before we started to understand how our body works and what works for our body. To say that this new plant study is the answer, it’s a mistake; we always should be hopeful it will bring us closer to finish the puzzle.

Will plants assisted us in slowing down or prevent Alzheimer’s? Maybe, there is an experimental study going on right now to find the answer to these questions.

In the study, it was observed that plants have the basic makings of the human body, with something more powerful than it may be able to break the plaques often found in patients dealing with Alzheimer’s.

We are developing a treatment for Alzheimer’s using plants. Read more at or

Oral Hygiene and Our Age

Is a well-known rule of thumb, as we age everything change as well, your body, stamina hair color, and volume & everything in between. That's why it's so important to the mind of your oral hygiene.

You need to make sure you not only floss your teeth, you need to check-ups twice a year.

Whatever is your diet, you need to make sure to visit the dentist, with x-rays and whatever you may ensure a healthy mouth, and just to say, oral problems equal to heart diseases.

Think like health mouth health heart. I, a couple of weeks address in my blog preventive healthcare, and I brush on everything that you should know and hopefully be doing. It's the right thing to do for yourself.

No Place Like Home

Many families make a choice to put their family member or loved one in an assisted living. The thought is that their family member will be safe and for some, there is a belief that being away from home like a nursing home or assisted living is cheaper than keep your loved one at home. It’s a mistake, before starting the process you need to revert your family member assets to the State.

Assisted living is only for seniors that are fully functional does not need any physical assistance, like no mental health issues, you either cook or order in, no dining halls.
Senior that is transfer to nursing homes are a match with a very different reality, it’s a shared room, food is delivered to them by the facility employees and your loved one should eat on their own. So the best way to age is at their own home, surrounded by loved ones.

Preventive Health Care

For years now I see myself on a mission to self-preservation. I used to have two very busy dogs who were very used to be walked three times a day for an hour each time. After my dogs were gone I felt the need to know myself therefore before I decide to have or not another dog I started walking. I also cook a lot, my meals are with vegetable and I eat fruits, I honestly believed that I am fighting for my well being.

I also very proud to say that having a good night’s sleep is very precious to me, it prevents mental health issues, I also read a great deal of books as well as online courses and I solved crossword puzzles.

Constantly learn, good food, great nights of sleep, and twice visits the dentist and eye care.
And just yesterday I hear a woman in the elevator play by the same rules as I.

People Puts their Lives on the Line

Being brave and bold is the first words that came to mind when I read the AARP article about some patients take a step and different options. There are patients out there looking and trying new forms of treatment in order to better their diagnoses as well in the near future assisted more people with their advance and outside a box treatment or technology.

Most patients only try to find a cure for themselves, others are thinking about many and how their pioneer’s treatments will shred a lite-on something new and a better outcome to all.

The Healthcare industry looks for ways to better for all, not only one but millions, read the full article at AARP October/ Medical Breakthrough 2020.