Living Longer and Better Lives

When I wrote about living better longer (my first blog last week) I mention that we actually don’t know how much of the sixty items we should do to consider to make the effect is assisting us to live longer.

Whatever the many numbers you decided to do or are already doing, the thing is, most of the suggesting list of 60 items subdivided into fourteen subtitles will improve your living longer by more than fifteen percent.

As I read the article, more I found out that I have been pulling more them half of the suggestion list, and what surprises me most was I came up with my own conclusion that I had to change things around to make it better for my own body.

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Living Better and Longer

At some point in your years, a switch flips and you start thinking about a better and healthier life, A.A.R.P. offers an incredible guide to live a longer, better and healthier life.
I do wonder how much o the list (it offers 60 tips) one’s needs to pull through or how little from the list will help you have you complete switching.

Let say that for the last 5 years you are not answering the phone at 5 o’clock because you are watching your favorite rerun of your favorite TV show. For half an hour you are disconnect from electronic devices, is that too little?

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Couple Has Being Deny from Each Others Company

Mr. and Mrs. Single married for over 50 years, lived in a nursing home for over ten years, when Mrs. Singles went to the hospital for a medical check-up, lost her place could not go back to a place where she knew as home, Mrs. Single also suffer from Dementia. Mr. Single, could not see his wife of fifty years he passed without her, she passed without him.

If this story doesn’t make you angry I don’t know what would. The state of California railroad their right to stay together. It’s a sad story that the Single’s family decided to sue the nursing home that tore the couple apart.

By the time I finish reading the article I did wish that the legal system would bring justice to the now disease couple.
Read the full story, on the A.A.R.P bulletin in June/2021.

Alzheimer’s in the News

New drug to assisted Alzheimer’s, these diagnoses is a very complex road, the basics is a patient who is diagnosed with the disease pretty much loose short term memory.

What causes and how fast or slow progress, its is possible, count its progression?

The new question now is how often should be taken and whom its the best candidates to try, how families will monitor the results. What will actually change for the patient, is the patient really aware that they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? For most of my clients that had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there was a lot of repetition. Will that change? I need more information, more testing, is these too fast.

We All Have Our Recipes

Some think that if you drink a glass of wine a day, it will help your health. I believe that water, exercise, and cook meals as well as sleeping well at night.

A.A.R.P bulletin talks about living longer, stronger, and better.

Eating right, sleeping well, keeping active, exercising your brain with puzzles, and remaining engaged with your friends and family; all the above assist you in staying out of a nursing home and living longer.

My personal recipe isn’t so much staying connected with people, but it is to remain working, it is exercising, it is enjoying free pleasures that living in Manhattan allowed me to engage in. Head over to our social media pages hhagency/2011 and let us know what your secrets to longer and healthier living.

Changes made on the Healthcare field

Things do change fast, in the medical field that happens ten times fold. Its very difficult to keep it up. So I will break it up for you, personal care assistant is the lowest level on the field, include companion and medication reminders and all day living. Home health aide offers a midlevel support including doctors appointment and escort, lay out medication and connection with the doctors.

Certify nurses aide is available to provide medical care to clients, like vital signs and change a dressing the latter has to be supervised by a registered nurse or practical nurse.
A license practical nurse is more intense, vital signs, medical care with or without the registered nurses supervision.

When I started in the healthcare field I was a personal care assistant performing many practical nurses descriptions. I loved, I always know that I could delivery.

Medical Professional

Isn’t everyone who is born to take care of their loved one? Last week, when I published my blog relating to Joan Lundem relating to how hard it was to find her way to care for her mom, it’s pretty much how many feel overwhelmed. I remember my family trying to care for my grandma with Alzheimer’s. She was a fall risk.

You may experience a sense of uselessness, anxiety, and a challenging time making decisions, and it is difficult to make decisions. You are not able to separate decision-making from family members.

Whenever you can, have a medical professional instead jump in. Sometimes you may not have what it takes to do it.

Sometimes No Time to Prepared

I was reading the Joan Lundem said in an interview on A.A.R.P bulletin March/April/2021 said well when she mentions that when one gets pregnant the women have nine months to prep. When your family member gets an unexpected diagnosis, overnight your its turns upside down.
My grandma lived with us she helped my mom raise us, but when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we bounce off the wall to figure out how to protect here, avoid or prevent wandering off.’
When you have professional assistance you go back to be a visiting family member, our agency offers a range of medical professionals to assisted families.
Our home care professionals assist with making and escorting appointments, vital signs, and all daily living activities or personals hygiene. We relived your daily workload so you can prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Protecting Yourself after a Hospital Visit

For the longest time, I also have been telling my clients and their families avoid to be sent to the hospital, stay away from hospitals at all costs. I call a hospital a germ house, not to say that hospitals aren’t clean or disinfected, they are. When you reach a certain age, say 65 or older there is a bigger chance of hospital readmissions.

When your discharge paper is assigned no one tells you the huddles and hardship that come after discharge. April A.A.R.P bulletin to read more about hospital readmission, the article crunches some very heavy numbers., they also share many precautions and few websites such as;;, do your homework. For even more detailed information go to

These Sites Helps you Keep Safe

When you talk to others about how you were scammed, you will hear their stories, I also have mine. In 2007 as I was looking for a job I was scammed $300.00 that I had in my bank account and the account was closed. As I spoke with the branch manager she makes me feel like was all my fault, and never mention to me to go to the police for a police report.

A.A.R.P. bulletin publishes a list of websites to help us prevent from being a scam.;; or;;;; or and and; and

Those emails protect you from email monitoring, mail management, hire a professional to check pictures, all those are a mixture of services and needs. Pick what best fits you.