10 Symptoms of Dementia

  1. short-term loss of memory
  2. trouble communicating
  3. confusion
  4. moodiness
  5. inability to understand sarcasm
  6. inability to perform simple tasks
  7. repetition
  8. loss of interest
  9. falling
  10. problem coping

These symptoms do not always come in a single package, they appear one at a time, and is not to say that because your client does not like to clean house he/she has Dementia, there usually has a history.

Long Term Care? What Is It?

Everyone who plans to live longer is taking the risk of needing long term care. Usually, the thought is if you are old, that’s the cue to need any type of care, especially long term care. The case is not quite like anyone who may need daily help like cooking, bathing, and dressing is likely to need a companion or a home health care aide.

There is the same confusion about nursing homes and assisted-living, and there is the cost, how much will it cost me to transfer my parents to a facility? Would it be less expensive to keep them home and hire someone else to check on them and actually assist with whatever needs to be done?

I think I have learned over the years that it is cheaper to keep your loved ones at home when you know how to delegate and manage the time spent with your family members. If you are the type that does not know how to delegate and you keeping hovering around to micromanage the aide, you are losing money.

Back to long term care is some who has diabetes and or any other chronic disability. It is costly when their illness is left for an emergency or last-minute decisions.

The best course of the action is educated yourself on what are your options, whenever possible, attend workshops to learn what cost is out of pocket or what insurance pays.

Nurses Roles has Being Changing

Americans are aging with that the role nurses used to fill now has change, forcing nurses to expanding their role.

The number of nurses that being visiting patients/clients at their homes has being increased, the goal now days is to deliver a high quality services, when a client and or patient needs assistant the primary medical staff to be deploy is a nurse with a range of duties, included but no limited to medication change and or adjust as well educated the patient and their loved ones, best choices and care plan.

Today is all about empower the nurses with tools and training they need to help patients, despite challenges the nurses are embracing new diversities all an all nurses are being train to became an advocated for the patient/client.

The idea is to empower and assure that the nurse seeks to purse four year degree as should be standard and assist them to achieved the baccalaureate degree hopefully by 2020. Nurses should be introduce themselves as patient advocates.

Great article that can be found at the AARP bulletin of September/2019.

Protecting Mom and Pap

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about protecting your parents at home, things that you should do, replaced and removed to make sure accidents would be reduce to a bare minimum. Today I came to you to protect your parents from being rob.

Start by having the conversation request permission to have them give you a power of attorney, in case would make your parents uncomfortable and resist, you can asked to have their financial institution send you a copy of their account(s) statements.

Few steps to start:

  1. Protect their identity, by having their financial statements being mail to you, make sure there is no one open credit cards on their names, and freeze their credit;
  2. Safeguard their phones, there devices that has block and call ids, asked them to do not answer unknown numbers;
  3. Upgrade their tech, smart landlines, internet with password, help them manage their password.
  4. Became their advocate, check the credentials of your parents financial adviser by linked to

Women and the Workforce

When your loved one is diagnosed with a disease some will either volunteer or force to volunteer, when I said forced to volunteer I mean the circumstances will present themselves for that to happen. When my parents were alive, the circumstances always manage to find me, I was the go to person. That is also true for others.

When her mother is diagnose with Dementia, she became the primary caregiver, often times being a women we are caught on the guilt trip of am I a bad daughter for not take care of the woman who bear me? No you are not a bad daughter, some woman don't have what it takes to care for another loved one. Is a very stressful situation where your have to be a daughter, mother and caretaker sometimes at the same time, like the diagnose of mental health issue, wont have a cure, only a steady decline and the end.

Read more about the story of one particular woman, telling a hidden story behind many closed doors, she has a college degree, is 35 years old, and since her mother's diagnoses, went on a date 3 times. Why Aren’t More women Working? They’re caring for Parents.

In Illinois They Crack the Code

There is a new program in one of the nursing homes in Illinois.  Now older Americans, with limited mobility, are getting outside much more thanks to a program that matches cyclists and the seniors.
The pedicab has the seats in the front and a pilot in the back which started in Denmark and its starting to catch up in the United States several chapters.

So far it's been a success in Pennsylvania and Illinois, and I am pretty sure it mainly put a smile on the nursing home residents' faces.

To be able to see new faces and the fresh air. It's wonderful. The program is called Cycling Without Age.  For more information please log in to these

Happy cycling to everyone!

Seniors and Technology

Internet, cell phones, apple phones, blue tooth and everything in between, and the latest is the senior apps.  There are 10 applications dedicated to assisting seniors.

I will first explore the first five and the second blog will be the other five.

First app: Epicurious; is a food-related recipe app with 35,000 recipes cooking videos, and seasonal ingredients.

Second app: Locus Map; this app is for hiking and navigation, is available by paid and free, it wasn’t made for seniors it has started to catch on with the third age folks.

Third app: Can I Retire Yet? Personal finance expert Darrow Kirkpatrick helps users track their progress toward retirement.

Fourth app: Luminosity; staying mentally sharp. Do I need to say more? And last but not least;

Fifth app: Homeaway; the popular app for vacation booking, which is similar to AirBnB.

I personally haven’t download any of these apps, and I confess, I am an old school body and love be home and use my landline and make the booking and appointments I need, and when I am done I print the confirmation.

Cancer Survivor and Exercise Go a Long Way

When the horrible diagnosis is confirmed and the doctor actually tells you that you indeed have breast cancer, many things go through your mind and your head spins. How is this possible as you look to your breast and ask yourself. Why? Why you? And how your kids and extended family will handle it.

The most important thing is to ask all the questions and follow your oncologist care plan and you probably think that your doctor went bananas when suggesting that you should exercise.

You are just out from radiation treatment and recovering from reconstructive surgery and the doctor tells you to start exercising. The truth is that by advising you to exercise the whole idea is to help you to regain everything the diagnosis almost took from you – there are your body’s strength and balance.

There is a very interesting article in the Hadassah Magazine about a cancer survivor that tells us her battle with cancer and how physical exercise assisted her.
I believe in exercise to keep one in healthy body weight, mentally sharp, and mood control, as well to prevention from getting sick.


License practical nurse or license vocational nurse ( are the same, some states refer to them differently) work under the supervision of a nurse, at these level of the medical field you have basically two choices of employment, you either work in a medical facility such as home health care settings or a hospital and the other choice you have is work with a home health care agency and provide care to a client in their own home.

Because you must go to school your level to responsibility bigger in an overall picture, you are one step ahead of a CNA, companion care or PCAs and home attendants.

I may be bias to these cases because I did work as a cna for many years and when I did have the financial means to move on up and became an LPN.

I am afraid of the labeling, the lack of sympathy for the millions of hard working hhc, or maybe I am just plain afraid.

LPN’s salary is $20.76, more education better the salary and options, fair, absolute; however still the home health care aides are the person whom is under rated. How can we change that?

Home Health Care Aides

To be a home health care aide, there is no need to have a degree of any kind, most of H.H.A or home attended and the Patient Care Aide or companion are middle age women or men, who never went to school and that considered themselves as an important part and front liner of the healthcare business. Salary is $10,91 between 5-9 years of experience and 10-19 years of experience the salary rises to $11.07 at best.

What really gets to me is besides not had a college degree, whatever you do deserves the respect like anyone would give to a college grad. When I used to work as hhc, I change the name for home-nurse, I started working with some else whom had many mental and physical challenges from the patient’s side. I on the other hand was trained as I was going along by the client who was a former nurse and her ex-husband.

I am not talking about get high paid for being train I mean the lack of respect from the ambient towards the medical professional.

Home health care aides, deal with many things such as personal hygiene and change diapers, prepare meals and takes care of all day living plus medical needs escort to appointments.

New York Times Article