Safety At Home And Out

For the past ten years we have being seeing an increased-on Seniors scams. How can we be one step ahead of the game? Lately it is not only seniors, is everyone.

Scammers are out to prey on any one whom give than their time.

I learn few tricks am gladly will share with you.

1)I only open the door when I order take out or am expecting deliver, and when the deliver people came, I asked who it is;

2)I never disclosed on social media when I am traveling, I await to post after I came back. I also never disclosed pin-point precision location;

3) I text my relatives one by one where and when I am off traveling;

4) I only have one social media page wish is used to keep in touch with my family living abroad. Notice here that I do not mention location;

5) I don’t answer my phone call I let them go to voice message;

6) when I am driving and some else knocks at my window, I do not roll down and exposed myself, making myself vulnerable;

7) when I first start in 2005, I started off by being a 24/7 living in aide, my client who used to lose everything lost the key from the main door, we lived day and night without lock the door. I never disclosed that info until I went to jobs interviews;

8) Put a mat into the shower stall or tube, if you leave by yourself bring your phone with you;

9) Do not open your wallet on the street, do not give to people coming to you asking money on an organization behalf, usually an organization or any other group has a webpage design to donation collection.

Character Assassination

Many people believe, and freely use, the word “normal” to their standards. Not being “normal” does sometimes not comply with ones believes.

I have witnessed several occasions where many believed that I am not “normal”, the reasons vary, usually is related to my reaction, or lack thereof.

I am a very (proudly) calm and collected person, where often gets to annoy some to their core, expecting to attract a reaction or surprise me, which none holds true for me.

When the person came to terms that I am blank with no reaction or facial expression the labeling starts, I am not “normal”.

Usually, it starts with a normal person would or should say this or that or act these or that way. The lack of reaction that I bring is due my personality, I do not enjoy engagement at the level with no one. I don’t participate in confrontations or argumentations and rather defuse the situation I carefully have study myself, and the lack of reaction that so many claims, is because being there done that. And even at the first time around is my self-defense mechanism.


When a family is afflicted by a family member that has an addiction problem it can drive a family (not just parents and siblings) everyone is dragged into, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles alike. It can become very emotional to everyone involved, and not to mention financial bankruptcy.

Many parents feel obligated to financially support their addict family member. For some families, treatments can start as $ 2.000,00 monthly to a six-figure expense. Some parents even paid off the child drug debt.

Some parents find support with groups from churches, some decide to no longer “panic” or act towards their own child until the addict decides to look for medical help. Instead of a quick solution.

Some decide to take baby steps, cutting out their child little by little, such as cutting off from the phone family plan and giving their kid a pay as you go phone (disposable).

Each person must come up with their own action plan, if you are a kind of doer and rather cut off ties faster than later, so be it.

Whatever works for you, do not give up, bear in mind that many families and thousands of American households have gone through, or are going through this now. Do not expect to be in and out in one year, I am sorry to say that is one day at a time, a long process, there are many failures throughout and there is always support groups, you are never alone.

After Caregiving

How do you find your footing after years caring for your loved one?

The day after your loved one passes what do you do first?

These is the question that only you can answer (whenever you are ready to). You cannot accept that some else make those choices on your behalf. Years ago, when I lost my mother (I was 26 years old) my older sister could not slept in the house, leaving me by myself with her dog, I woke up the next morning had a cup of coffee walk the dog and went on a practical mode, I packed all my mother belongs and call the salvation army to came to pick up. By the time my sister came back everything was set and resolved, I did not had formulated a plan.

The question is what you want to do with the time suddenly open on your life. Make short term plans, like not have dog (s) for a while, ( no numbers) slowly finding out more about yourself, reinvent and remember what your likes and dislikes are, remember who you are, grieve, get upset, cry when you fell you need to, reach out to others, many people lose their loved ones also, remember you are not alone, other went through the loss.

My point is, its fine not always have the answers, they will come over time, do not put pressure on a very stressful situation, do what’s right for you.

Mental Health Diagnosed and Undiagnosed

Do we always know when an individual is acting or is their mental health issues is there mental health diagnoses symptoms?

I consider myself very good on reading a body language and I by my own experienced determine that when one’s told the same story more them three times, I find to be true. For that there is no scientific knowledge.

I think that if someone is diagnosed with mental health and the family can help me and give me some insights about the client’s character, that gives back up information to assisted me on my day to day dealings.

I came to work with many clients were the family has very little interaction with them, making work more difficult, for that I need used my own skill to call the shots and keep an honest daily report about activities, reaction to my assistance and response to everyday tasks.

I am very intrigue by the brain and its functionality, therefore try crack the code is a good exercise for me.

Conspiracy theory, a dispute among landlord and tenant, or bad blood between neighbors? What actually happened?

Today as I was coming down from visiting a client (I was in the elevator) I said hello to whoever was inside the elevator and as the woman said hello back, she mentions that she is not certain if she should have said hello to me because she didn’t know if I was in their side. Or I was a friendly person without any intentions what’s so ever.

She then proceeded to tell me that she had several times caught the building staff listening behind her door, slid treat, and mistreatment towards her and some other terrible things. She also advised me to no tell anyone that I am an immigrant because American people do not like immigrants.

And these elevator rides were the longest in my whole life. Are people losing touch with reality or all does things really took placed, is this person sane?

Did the professionals always acting in a professional like manner? Or are there slip ups and from time to time is does get personal?

As I am writing I can see myself dwelling on everything she has told me. Am I struggling to see what is crystal clear?

The Flu Shot

This week I want to talk about the flu shot and season, every year we hear the news saying that this will be the worst influenza season, and the reason is weather changing, meaning global warming if you pick this very October/22nd temps you will realize that its more like to be mid-November temperatures. Unbalance.

It is the same with your body, unbalance it will cause you to be bodily unprepared for what the weather its throwing in your way.

Flu shot and all the other healthy habits you keep will assist you and help protect you from catching the flu, for some of us it only minimizes the effects, for others will complete block.

Either way is worth to take the shot, I make a tradition, every October/1st I take the shot, either by my doctors’ clinic or at the pharmacy.



Must be an aide Kindness

Another day as I was coming to visit one of HealthCareNewYork’s client, I came across the most beautiful scene. I saw an aide holding hands with her client. It could be one million reason for that action.

Few things that comes to mind is the client may have balance issues, they were late for an appointment and in need to walk fast, or could be he was a runner( sometimes when one works with clients that are suffering with Dementia, they may try to run away from the aide), could be because they need make a run for the bus. Another possible explanation is family orders.

I choose to think that the aide was giving her 10+ self, or using a different wording, personal touch.

When we start our classes on home health care, we talk about one’s hygiene, how to safely transfer and assisted any medical and all-day living needs that client may or may not need.

However never prize or reinforce on personal touch.

My congratulation for the aide, taking one steep to make some else’s life even better. What I regret is not take the time to congratulated her on her action.





Last week I spoke about Medicare, this week is Medicaid. Medicaid is governing by States and is a social service program designate to assisted families and individuals who lives below the poverty line and or qualify and depends on annual income.

Each state regulates Medicaid at its own discretion, and just in case you would like to use your NY state Medicaid in another State or vise-versa you need to re-apply, below you will find the chart.

Family size annual income with some conditions such as Blind, disable and 65+:

  1. $ 10.100,00
  2. $ 14.800,00
  3. $ 17.020,00

Singles, couples without children:

  1. $ 16.754,00
  2. $ 22.715,00
  3. $ 28.677,00

Often is Medicare vs Medicaid, so in any case this is an information that I felt compel to share, any more question we can research and answer for you, please give us a call 1-855-29WORKS. You always can find using our website or at our social media pages; or twitter and Instagram @hhcagency2011.

Understanding Medicare Mechanism

Medicare is pay by you on your very first on the books job, it’s a medical insurance offer by the government, it comes, deduct from your paycheck, monthly and most companies offers a third-party insurance coverage, so when you are an active duty employee you used your company’s health, insurance.

When you retire Medicare kicks in and them you make choice to keep or not your company’s third-party health insurance or pay out of pocket, to cover whatever Medicare does not cover, the famously 20%.

Medicare offers doctors, hospitals and medical supplies or equipment, upon your coverage.

Medicare it only be used when you retire, many retire folks does not have a secondary coverage and decide to pay out of pocket. It’s worth it.

7 Ways Medicare is Getting Better

  1. Doughnut Hole
  2. Therapy cap gone
  3. Better information
  4. More telemedicine
  5. Potential life-style support
  6. In-home help
  7. Plan test-drives