TeleHealth is Here to Stay

After Covid-19, many things change and will continue to do so, many of us are afraid and concern about what exactly to do next.

One concern now is how to handle doctor’s appointments. Will you walk yourself to the hospital and risk to get infected? Or will you ever call your doctors and have a quick conference call, and that will be it?

Many doctors are now offering TeleHealth, you keep your appointment, and have a face-to-face conference with your doctor via the internet.

TeleHealth is here and will stay to assist us with our appointment. However, there are yet work to be done, such as improved internet services to rural areas, get everyone on board, like those who don’t know yet about, and improved the time with your doctor.

For now, I like what I have seen so far, but I do like to see more for my home health care agency’s clients.

You Are With It or Are You Cool

You are a cool old adult if you are still working and enjoying it. You are with it if your company offers you the opportunity to work from home. You are also cool if you are digging a new career path. You’re awesome when you exercise every day and keep a very busy social life.

You are very much with it by being eager to learn new things, and enjoy exploring new opportunities. You are a cool old adult if you allow a home health care worker to come to visit you on a daily or weekly basis.

You are with it driving your grandkids to and from playdates or school.

You are with it if you have an apple phone and socially connect, and actually know how to use it or know when to publish without putting too much out there.

Stay Fit

As we all age, health becomes a concern, keeping active, sometimes it can be difficult. There is a need to know if you would be better off going to a gym or buy and keep the equipment in your own home.

Now AARP is helping communities within 50 states build and maintain a playground design for old adults to keep fit, active, and babysit their grandkids if there is a need to.

Go to to learn where in your neighborhood will be built.

This specific park is slated to be built in 50 states, and there will be a partnership between States and AARP.

In the third quarter of last year, a new fitness park was unveiled in St. Petersburg, Florida.

African-Americans and Alzheimers

More families are dealing with Alzheimer/Dementia then we think. One of our blogs relates to Alzheimer/Dementia in women. Now we’ll discuss Alzheimer/Dementia in African-Americans communities. We find that the number of African-American who has Alzheimers/Dementia are higher than we ever thought. African-Americans has higher changes and percentages of suffers with Alzheimer/Dementia.

This disease has been tearing families and individuals and the fight that doctors are offering is not being able to catch up with the demand, and truth to be told, it never crosses my mind the African-American population is the most vulnerable ones.
Lesson learn like any disease or diagnostics these disease does not discriminate nor pick or choose. I learn that from an article I read from Oprah Magazine July/August. The Alzheimer’s Epidemic No One Is Talking About.
Go to to learn more.

We Cope Differently

It is unrealistic to think everyone is fine to shelter in place and not be able to leave home and be functional. Some of us thrive; others struggle as I wrote in a blog on June, 1st 2020: Skilled at Isolation.

Now, this blog offers a different perspective: in this blog, I related to those who need to be connected.

There is an organization that helps those who need to be connected to be functional.

Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults is highly related to dementia to heart disease.

There is a tremendous power in being connected with others; for some older adults found that connective the outreach is important.

The numbers are higher: 1 in 4 Americans over age 65 are socially isolated or alone. If you are in the age range, used our website to research the website See what they can do for you or loves ones.

Working Hard to Keep All the Same and All Together

As we make simple strides to keep together and all at the same, nothing may be the same after the summer of 2020. Coronavirus or Covid-19 will change us and will be remembered by what could, should, or would have being, a number of patients or health people that parish from the virus. We will remember the changes we had to face, as well as the ones we did not choose to do. Some of us will start to take all the shots and vaccines that may ever be.

I, for myself, have been an addict to washing my hands and still not touching mail or packages or my own groceries just yet. I wipe the cabinets after and before putting anything on top, I don’t keep plastic bags in any longer than I need to.
Even whats for me the hard thing ever, pet a dog when I am out. I can’t bring myself to do it just yet.

We will remember this Covid-19 as we remember now the Spanish-flu.

Taking Care of Yourself

To say that in this time of Corona-virus (Covid-19) quarantine, most of us start feeling the pressure and crack. I lived and worked in Manhattan, NY, and I oftentimes see myself feeling a little down for the fact that we all are wearing masks, stores are closed, we have been imposed personal sacrifices that sometimes seem too much to bear.

And of course, its all right to feel anxious, unsettled, and all mental health distress one can have or name. What it’s not all right is not seek professional help, have some else to talk to even have a prescription writing.

Its all right to have any medical issue as long the health concern is addressed by a professional, as long the mental health issue that you have been dealing with does not have you. It does not impair your personal or professional life.

Take good care of yourself first; you should come first.

What To Do Next

Eat right, sleep well and exercise often what all that actually means? How to know when the things you are doing are right for you?

Your body will tell, the food and exercise you respectively eat and moved will show when you have your next check up, like the commercial says you digest system will thank you by shown good numbers, the water you drink will assisted you skin shine and you bladder will keep functioning.

The same goes for your sleep patterns, you will less agitated and angry, more restful, and alert as well your disposition will increase.

Your daily walk or any exercise you practice will help cholesterol numbers and whatever pain you may have go away. And last but not least you will fell in tip top shape for your whatever age.

Even when you skip a day, wont change the overall good affect that you should fell.

Mental Health Research

What happened with one’s after being diagnose with mental health issues. Is there any resources outside being medicated and psychiatric meetings.

What really change for you, will you stop work, school on and all put your life on hold, deal with the diagnose, talk to your friends about your new found reality?

Or will you stay quiet, learn how to managed the symptoms and do your best to push forward with your own life.

Would you disclosed that for your future husband? Are you a kind person that would like to have some answers?

Would you like some else like me who if notice over a period of time notice something that I quit could actually put my finger, would you be okay with me if I recommended for you to look for mental professional help?

Book Hearing Voices, Living Fully.

Mental-Health Researches Ask: What is “Recovery”.

Skilled at Isolation

The present time where we need to be physically isolated to not contract or transmit COVID-19, most families’ concerns are about the aged in-laws and parents — rightfully so. It is an unknown infection. However, many individuals rather be on their own — not having to deal with some personal life daily deals. Like when some is very demanding.

When I first started working as a home-nurse, I gave up my social life to start a brand new career in the healthcare field. For some of us, we are skilled at being alone, not fearful about their career prospects and emotionally more experienced at managing the great disruption of everyday life that is affecting everyone.

But its important and does help to have an active life of the mind.

Every challenge is basically tapping into skills that you may not have known you had.

I Like It, Actually: Why So Many Older People Thrive in Lockdown