These Sites Helps you Keep Safe

When you talk to others about how you were scammed, you will hear their stories, I also have mine. In 2007 as I was looking for a job I was scammed $300.00 that I had in my bank account and the account was closed. As I spoke with the branch manager she makes me feel like was all my fault, and never mention to me to go to the police for a police report.

A.A.R.P. bulletin publishes a list of websites to help us prevent from being a scam.;; or;;;; or and and; and

Those emails protect you from email monitoring, mail management, hire a professional to check pictures, all those are a mixture of services and needs. Pick what best fits you.

Therapy for Seniors

Admitting that you are in therapy can put you on the spot as well as make you feel guilty. It’s still a very taboo subject, where most don’t want to be admitted, and for some, they don’t want to open the Pandora box.

After Covid-19, many of us started realizing that it’s okay not to be okay. Therefore therapy starts to open up. The tricky part is when seniors start using or try to reach out for professional therapist help. As a senior, you do have most of your life figure out, but you still some areas where you could use some help.

Therapy should be as easy as when you talk to your primary doctor about high blood pressure or your medication, and therapy sections should be explored to have some things that you can talk about, clear your thoughts, and give you tools to help.

Read the full article at A.A.R.P. org/bulletin.

Covid 19 Lessons

What we have learn from Covid-19 pandemic, first family matters mote than we realize, many of us zoom and face time more than we thought was possible; second the adage ‘ age is just a number’ has a new meaning, experience has a new word for; third we befriend technology, and there is no going back, zoom meting and TeleHealth are here to stay; fourth papering is healthy self-care its a-okay, bubble bath or skin care its a-okay; fifty work is anywhere now a shift that bodes well for older Americans; sixty have a stash ready for the next crisis; seventh we will gather again but very carefully; eighth our trust on one another has frayed, but it can be slowly restore; ninth loneliness hurts health more than we thought; tenth when your world gets small, nature lets you live large; eleventh we have unleashed a revolution in medicine; twelfth for some, hard times bring opportunity.

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You Need to be on the Loop

I always say that it is very important to know where you are financially, when you are a couple, one has the crunch numbers more develop, others don’t. If something happens to your spouse as he/she passes away the other half will be lost. It happens one too many times, couples need to share passwords, logins, type(s) of accounts, every little detail you and your loved one may judge unimportant. So out clients lockout.

It so happens that if you don’t share this kind of information with your spouse, the person in charge of the money in your household, may be suffering from some sort of mental illness, and sometimes they pass away faster them anyone could organize their affairs.

There is a need to share this information, secure location as well as another trusted person.

Drug for Alzheimer’s Seems to be Working

On January/18/2021 I wrote about a drug from the pharmaceutical Eli Lilly testing a new drug for
Alzheimer’s patients, the study was performed with a small group of patients for a very short period of time.

Still give patients with Alzheimer’s and their families hope. We all know that more needs to be done, and more studies need to be performed, however, these study really brings good news for many.
The study, of course, isolated the patients and those patients have to fit the profile for the study along with many questions to be answered but is great news.

That success will be carrying a lot of weight especially because there was nothing like for a very long time.

Please reread our blog Good News For Alzheimer’s Patients @ and the New York Times Alzheimer’s Shows Promise in Small Trial at

Brain Damage By Covid-19

I just read Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report on Covid-19 and the brain. “At least half of People who recover from Covid-19 suffer neurological symptoms for months after”.
Dr. Gupta, in this article, touches on a subject that a few Covid-19 patients have been reporting on: symptoms like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, temporary brain dysfunction, severe headaches, brain inflammation, bleeds and clots, and nerve damage in both young and old patients.

After Covid, will these patients suffer long-term mental health? What is the extended or permanent damage?
Like many questions, these are still being studied through research, and followed-up with those patients that report those symptoms; maybe we need to wait a long time to know those answers.
To learn more about the article, check out the AARP magazine for January/2021. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a medical adviser from CNN. To learn more about posts and blogs, visit:

A Strategy for Health Care Reform — Toward a Value-Based System

List of authors.
• Michael E. Porter, Ph.D.

Despite many waves of debate and piecemeal reforms, the U.S. health care system remains largely the same as it was decades ago. We have seen no convincing approach to changing the unsustainable trajectory of the system, much less to offset the rising costs of an aging population and new medical advances. Today there is a new openness to changing a system that all agree is broken. What we need now is a clear national strategy that sets forth a comprehensive vision for the kind of health care system we want to achieve and a path for getting there. The central . . .


The famous singer Toni Bennett has dementia, Mr. Bennett gave an interview to AARP magazine that for the last four years he has being diagnose with Alzheimer.
What more likely help him being function is that he kept working in his projects. And by all accounts music is therapeutic, keep physical activity, learning and exercising.
Like every time we say that everything is connect, mentally and physically sharp individuals has a better chance to bit the bullet.
Alzheimer’s is a very difficult diagnose, a have spoke with few different doctors whom believe that when you are diagnose on your forties is more likely that you already has being displaying signs of the disease 10 years prior to the diagnoses.

Read our blogs on Alzheimer’s over the years we have publish many blogs on the subject.

Assisting Living or Retirement Community

Its a trend, many families are downsizing and moving their parents to either assisting living or retirement community. My problem with that is if and when your parents or loved one need a home health care aid, neither of the facilities above will provide, and comes the out of pocket expense.
I would definitely moved my parents to a smaller place, not a minute before readjust their own place to make aged friendly home.
Like your parents or loved one, every evening I look forward to pick up my mail, fix my dinner and take shower and so on. And restarted all over again the next day. Without anyone telling me what to do next. For me all it matters is that your parents are safe and functionality for them should be important.

Our Times

Many companies now are asking for the young employees to return to headquarter, but not the season employees.
We all want to go back to our old lives, we back at the office, the kids back to school, and our precious social life.
Scientists say that as soon as we starting vaccinating the population we will have some used to do, to get over.
Now we have social media and the internet to lean on, how did folks done when the Spanish fly came around without the amenities we have today?
We only can think so far and look back last year, and yet be grateful that we have, which also is hard.
To say that we are learning as we going is what we all want to believe, but we are never prepared enough to face such a turn of events. It’s my belief.