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In Illinois They Crack the Code

There is a new program in one of the nursing homes in Illinois.  Now older Americans, with limited mobility, are getting outside much more thanks to a program that matches cyclists and the seniors.
The pedicab has the seats in the front and a pilot in the back which started in Denmark and its starting to catch up in the United States several chapters.

So far it's been a success in Pennsylvania and Illinois, and I am pretty sure it mainly put a smile on the nursing home residents' faces.

To be able to see new faces and the fresh air. It's wonderful. The program is called Cycling Without Age.  For more information please log in to these www.CyclingWithoutAge.org/.

Happy cycling to everyone!

Cancer Survivor and Exercise Go a Long Way

When the horrible diagnosis is confirmed and the doctor actually tells you that you indeed have breast cancer, many things go through your mind and your head spins. How is this possible as you look to your breast and ask yourself. Why? Why you? And how your kids and extended family will handle it.

The most important thing is to ask all the questions and follow your oncologist care plan and you probably think that your doctor went bananas when suggesting that you should exercise.

You are just out from radiation treatment and recovering from reconstructive surgery and the doctor tells you to start exercising. The truth is that by advising you to exercise the whole idea is to help you to regain everything the diagnosis almost took from you – there are your body’s strength and balance.

There is a very interesting article in the Hadassah Magazine about a cancer survivor that tells us her battle with cancer and how physical exercise assisted her.
I believe in exercise to keep one in healthy body weight, mentally sharp, and mood control, as well to prevention from getting sick.

Scammers Are Out There to Get Us

I have been the victim of a scammer. Years ago when I was looking for a job, because I was desperate, I let my guard down and was scammed.  The thieves offered and forwarded me a fake check that I was supposed to deposit in my bank account and the minute that the check was clear, so were my funds.

The bank suspected phishing activity in the account and closed it down.  Funny to say the bank suspected, however, not the teller. And even more interestingly, when I went to talk to the branch manager about the situation it was the same manager that cleared it and the same teller that days earlier assisted me. They acted like I was a criminal.

I did file a police report and I filed all-suite and procedures I was supposed to follow, from that day on I became convinced that such scammers weren’t so far overseas as some want us to believe.

My trust was shaken and I am more aware. I no longer answer my phone without checking the caller id. When I am unsure, it goes to my answering machine. When I am not comfortable, I hang up. I never even called back to see what the person wants in order to not have my number registered in their caller id. I also urged our clients and their families to do the same. Don’t share anything, even on social media, I wait a couple of weeks.

Stopping your Life to Take Care of your Loved One

Lately I have being seeing a lot commercial about one’s taking care of their family member and getting paid for. I have a very strong against position about this. All the commercial says that my son or daughter takes care of “me” and have a financial means to care for their own families and “I” feel safe to know that a family member is here with me.

What it really concerns me is what its not being say, a family member taking care of a parent of a loved one stops living their own lives, being a caretaker means giving and not receiving. In case you are single and in school, how can you leave the person to go to school or go out with friends so the loved one does not stay alone. Now if you are married with children of your own, how can you not disrupt your family routine to be with your loved one around the clock.

Getting pay is not enough for a very taxing and demanding work, clients wants and needs around the clock attention, and this to mention that diagnoses such as dementia and sometimes when the elderly falls. In some cases, the children are spread around the country, or does not had a great family structure to fell close enough to their loved one neither they have a comfortable level to embrace the caregiving.

When you choose to an agency to assisted you in hire an aide you also are getting the “village” need to assist your loved one.